About the Gracious Little One

Paola Jannicke Balugay attended De La Salle University-Manila with a degree in Organizational Communication. She was the Prose Editor (AY 2007-2008) for Malate Literary Folio. After graduation, she had an accidental encounter with a career in Sales. She never thought she’d fall in love with selling. She recently resigned from her Sales and Product Management stint at Eastspark Corporation. She is currently attending De La Salle University-Manila for her Masters Degree in Marketing Communication.

Paola is a self-confessed coffee lover. She drinks coffee 5-6 times a day. At home, she spends time reading (fiction, non-fiction and tech blogs) and listening to beautiful music. Her personal favorites are: Deftones, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Janis Joplin, Bjork, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc (It would take her days to complete this!) She is also a Social Media nut. She is subscribed to a lot of news (local and foreign), technology, food and even fashion social networking sites and websites. If time permits, she would love to travel the world and taste all kinds of cuisine. She is currently obsessed with zombies.

But wait, there’s more.

Recently, she realized that she’s been messing with herself for the last 3 years. She’s excited to come home to her first love—writing.

She has decided to have a Life to Live.


About the Blog Title

Is there any better blog name other than your real name? 🙂

Paola means little.

Jannicke means God is Gracious.


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