Little Monsters from High School

Yesterday, my friend and I were talking about high school and who we were back then. At first. we were talking about how geeky and anti-social we were and then after sometime other memories surfaced and it felt really weird.

Friend: They were my lunch friends. The ones I’d go with during lunch.

Me: So what’s the worst thing you’ve heard about you back in high school?

Friend: I don’t know. But I think it all started when I was born. Haha.

Me: Well, as for myself, I got fat, ugly and the worst of them all

“Hindi niya kamukha mga kapatid niya. Siya pinaka-panget.”

Friend: Sorry to hear that Pao.

Me: It’s weird you know. I mean the people who know me now think I am so confident and all. But really, I’m that awkward. I was the fat kid. Hahaha.

Me: And I also remember hearing my former crush tell his seatmate “Feeling naman niya (referring to me) may magkakagusto sa kanya. Ang panget niya kaya.”


Okay enough about that. Haha.

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