“Unofficially Yours” and Why You Should Listen to Your Brothers

Weekends are usually spent with either my partner or in the company of my equally silly brothers and the coolest sister in law to be. On other weekends, I make love to my bed. It’s an all night affair.

Yesterday was one of those I-am-looking-forward-to-this-day kind of thing because my folks planned to watch Unofficially Yours. I have been dying to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer.

I was so excited that Miguel had to control the existence of my 15 year old self. I didn’t know I was jumping and doing some quite awesome dance moves just because. Now you can tell how crazy I get when I get overly excited. Enough about me, let’s focus on why I enjoyed this particular movie.

Admittedly, I never really enjoyed Filipino movies with love as a theme because when I was young I had to endure watching long beach scenes with actors running after each other while singing the then theme song of the year. It was so unnatural that I always found it painfully hilarious. Growing up, I learned to respect actors doing the same scenes over and over because I always thought the idea may also have killed them (or at least their egos) but they had to do it. Someone had to do it.

Unofficially Yours was funny and true because it showed the viewers how real life is. No pretensions.

Here are 5 reasons why I enjoyed this movie:

I. John Lloyd (Mackie) and Angel Locsin’s (Cess) private moments. 

Never mind JL’s voice and the most beautiful looking woman in the morning (points off for making Angel look so hot in the morning. Who, in real life, looks like that in the morning?), I actually liked the idea of seeing lovers waking up next to each other in the morning. Things like these happen and more often than not you always find yourself in a situation similar to that. Imagine waking up next to your lover and seeing them do something out of the ordinary, in this case, Mackie singing to Cess. Even Cess may have giggled over the singing.

Besides, JL and Angel never really liked singing in real life. This is a rare occurrence.

II. “Weh” 

I never thought I’d laugh heavily over a simple gesture. Mackie’s  friends developed this gesture whenever they do not want to believe a certain line or action he says or does. I may have acquired this gesture myself. Think of an inside joke between you and your friends. I’m sure you’ve shared a lot of those. This one is not an exception.

III. Oh-so-cheesy-lines!

Scene: Cess is scene walking towards her table. Mackie glances.

Cess: O ano pang ginagawa mo dito?

Mackie: Iniintay ko yung inspirasyon ko. (stretches his hands) Ay andyan ka na pala!

Cess giggles.


Call me cheesy, but who wouldn’t enjoy these kinds of lines? I am pretty sure we are, in one way or another, guilty of saying a pick up line or two at least once in our lives. Should you want to disagree, I am holding you for contempt!

IV. The Mackie’s and the Cess’ of the World and Why Anything and Everything Natural is Awesome

Whenever I watch a movie, I am very particular with the characters because I have  a deep fondness for developing characters myself. It actually takes time to create a character from scratch, from the way they look (black hair, brown eyes, tattooed, bald, square face etc), the way they think (The character was abandoned by his parents when he was a kid. He is scared to develop relationships because he thinks that any person is capable to leave him.), the way they react (When a girl admits her love, the boy is scared to be in a relationship because of past experiences.) etc. The individual characters lack development, however, I must commend the mix of characters because it did well in the progression of the story. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where Mackie and his friends would gather to talk about their latest conquests or just hang out and have fun. Any viewer can relate to this. Almost everything in the story was believable (except the weird part where they sing) You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to relate to real life.

V. The  Story of the So Called ‘Undying Love’ and the Rah Rah Attitude

The story of the ‘undying love’ is such a cliche and we’ve seen this so many times that we just want to throw stuff on the screen every time. However, we are never too old to learn something about love, right? There was one scene in the movie where I felt like the characters were actually speaking to me.

Scene: Cess’ mom appear on screen while Cess is scene sitting on the floor, crying.

Cess: Di ka ba nagsasawa?

Mom: Saan?

Cess: Sa pagmamahal. Yung paulit-ulit na nasasaktan.

Mom: Napapagod din. Pero hindi ibig sabihin hindi na ako magmamahal ulit. Pwede namang magpahinga diba?

This is one of those OH-YES-MOMENTS. Nod here and there. It hits you right on the spot.

I don’t know if the things I have written will give justice to the movie. I never thought about that in the first place. As I write this, I realize something simple. This movie wants us to chase what we love and fight (really really hard) to get it. If you already watched the movie, try to remember: Mackie chasing after his dream and Mackie chasing and fighting for his love. It’s so easy to say ‘FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU LOVE’ but come to think of it, did you ever fight for what you love? Can you honestly tell yourself that you’ve done everything in your power to get what you want?


In other news, I would like to share with you something I learned from my brother.

“Ang dahilan kung bakit nag-reregret and mga tao if they give their all in love ay yung idea na ‘sayang lang’. Bakit magiging sayang yung pagbibigay mo if you loved that person from start to finish? Hindi naman nila hiningi yun sa iyo eh. Ikaw ang nagbigay. At kung nagbigay ka, dapat buong buo. No regrets.”

This line came from my younger brother Kevin. I am truly blessed that you are around because I learn so much from you. Your point of view oftentimes scares me, but little by little I learn about love and giving because of you.

There is so much to learn in this world. But, first things first, learn to love and appreciate yourself and then go get ’em tiger. Live and Love as if you were to die tomorrow. Go and fight (fight hard—Fight Club style), no holding back. No regrets. 

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4 thoughts on ““Unofficially Yours” and Why You Should Listen to Your Brothers

  1. chrisfel says:

    #5 — OH YES, indeed! I loved their dialogue here. OMG, come to think of it, I probably enjoyed the movie more than I expected. Haha! I definitely loved the humor all throughout the movie and nearly everything seemed so natural. Hihihi. I think I’m slowly becoming a fan of “cheesy” Pino flicks. 😛

  2. chrisfel says:

    Le sigh. Hihi. Miss you, Pao! 🙂

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